SSS Researchers Complete Oxide Removal with No Film Damage

The road to getting any technology to the point of being ready for market is filled with a lot of small victories. As you know (or maybe you do not), our technology can create a very high quality seed layer for growing other things on top. The most common application is using our large grain silicon for growing epitaxial silicon on top. One of the challenges of this approach is that our material must survive all the necessary cleaning/handling procedures that the future steps necessitate. In that line of thinking, I just wanted to share a video that demonstrates our film handling the cleaning process like a champ!



What is happening in this video is that our researchers (can you guess which one?) are taking a one of our samples that has grown a native oxide film that needs to be removed and applying some Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE) which just so happens to etch away oxide. You can see that initially the BOE “sticks” to the sample due to the presence of oxide on the surface. After a very¬†short while, however, the oxide is etched away revealing the hydrophobic silicon underneath. This makes the BOE slide right off the surface, and additional water that is added also slides right off with zero damage to the film. Chalk another small victory up for the good guys!