Silicon Solar Solutions

Silicon Solar Solutions is an Arkansas based startup with a patent portfolio targeting the largest pain in the solar industry. The high cost of materials is limiting market adoption and manufacturers are seeking innovative methods to cut costs. The solution is to use less material and increase the power generated by solar cells. Our large grain polysilicon technology does exactly that and has applications in wafer-based and thin-film devices.

The Technology

Silicon Solar Solutions is commercializing a process to crystallize amorphous silicon into large grain polysilicon with unparalleled grain size and ease of processing. Compared to competing methods, our process has created grains 30X larger, at less than 1/2 the processing temperature, and in minutes instead of tens of hours. The process is protected by 5 issued patents with 3 additional patents pending. Prototype solar cells have been created that demonstrate our technology on a full sized device. The technology is ready, we are ready, are you ready?

We are currently seeking investors and manufacturing partners to implement the technology on a large scale. Silicon Solar Solutions is leading a solar manufacturing initiative in Arkansas. The reduced labor costs and inherent cost advantages associated with our devices means that manufacturing can be cost competitive regardless of geographical location. Arkansas is the ideal, albeit not obvious place, for solar manufacturing due to the low cost of living, excellent transportation infrastructure, and central location. Arkansas has the technology and the infrastructure, why not use it?

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Silicon Solar Solutions
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